Ai Weiwei @ the RA

I went to this amazing show recently with my partner and we both thought it was very interesting and thought provoking. The craftsmanship was incredible, and the use of different materials. I am often disappointed by the craftsmanship in shows but this was great. If you get a chance then go. He is a fascinating character. Here are a few images, but these are only a snapshot, and here’s a link to the RA website. If you are in London then GO! There are lots of sculptures and stories here, with videos and rather surprisingly to me lots of Ai Weiwei merchandising!

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Some recent work….

It’s about time I showed some more pictures of what we’ve been up to recently. We have been busy working on a few memorials in different materials recently. We always seem to have a few sandstone memorials on the go, but we also carve Welsh slate and limestone too. Sometimes when we install work we come across examples of work we did a while back and it is often nice to see how they are weathering and settling into their surroundings. The pale limestone one, with dark blue and gilded lettering was designed ‘collaboratively’ the client wanted exactly this shape and these proportions, and the simplified bird was taken from a simple tattoo design. She ultimately had a very clear idea of what she wanted and I designed the inscriptions to fit in with these criteria. It was carved in Portuguese (Moleanos) limestone which is incredibly hard. For the carvers among you it is much harder than Nabresina or Kilkenny limestone. It looks a little like Hopton Wood stone. Nabresina is also similar looking, and is featured here in the Cicely Moreton carving on the cross. The stone to Alec (Crossland Hill Yorkshire sandstone) was inspired by his love of landscape painting and the fact that he lived in Africa a lot, hence the ‘sand dune’ image and seascape. I like the simplicity of this stone.



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Some recent sandstone creations

hi! We’ve been working on some more sandstone recently. The first few pictures are of memorials. This one is Woodkirk stone and was installed in Heydon Churchyard in Norfolk. It’s still a little wet in the photo so it looks a bit streaky. It’s around 1 metre tall.


Then I took this one to Camden and Islington cemetery, again it’s Woodkirk stone. The design was quite free on this and I improvised on the reverse of the stone, it seemed a shame not to let the branches flow around the back and a kind of abstract landscape evolved from that. It’s quite a tactile piece, and I tried to retain some of the natural surfaces of the block

Daulphin4 Daulphin3 Daulphin2 Daulphin1

The next few snaps are work in progress on a Clashach stone memorial that will be taken to Aberdeen soon. This stone is coarser and harder than Woodkirk stone. Sorry about the blurriness of these, they were taken on my phone in the workshop, so not the best images.

hare hares2

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Arabic and Roman inscriptions in French Massangis limestone

I am reposting some pictures of this as I realised I hadn’t put pictures of the completed gilded lettering on my original post. I really enjoy working with Arabic characters, and it was interesting to me to see the difference between the font and the calligraphic forms. Below are some other pictures of the process too. The stone is Massangis limestone from France. It’s really nice to carve. It’s difficult to get an idea of the scale here but the whole structure is 25 metres tall, and the larger letters are about 300mm tall. You can see from the bottom image of me carving that it was a big project, and great fun. Click on the images to enlarge.

obelisk2obelisk gilded arabic grace5obelisk3obelisk gilded arabic jubilee1obelisk1 obelisk gilded english grace3obelisk4

proposals ob4 ob3 ob2 ob1 obelisk tusmore progress2

See below the designs and other pictures

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Memorial in oak and Portugese limestone

I recently worked on a collaboration on this memorial. It was designed by Russell Bagley, and the woodwork was overseen by Kay Corbett. My part in the commission was to supply the stone and design and carve the inscriptions and Polish eagle. The stone is in Kelling churchyard, Norfolk. I think it is a successful mix of materials and an interesting piece. The cross also partly represents a fighter plane as the father of the deceased was a pilot. The oak is sandblasted to bring out the grain and the plinth of the cross is flame-textured whereas the base is honed. The stone is called Moleanos and is incredibly hard.

jezierski bk jezierski fr  jezierski det3 jezierski det2 jezierski det1

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Kilkenny limestone in situ

Back in December I wrote a blog about this sculpture made using kilkenny limestone. Well I now have pictures of it in situ thanks to my client. I made a similar sculpture over 10 years ago which was in the same material (see bottom image), but quite different in that it is well grounded and bottom heavy. This is obviously more top heavy. I wanted to push this idea and make something that looked poised, or as if it were balancing. Then we had the idea of having it installed in a sleeve so it can be rotated. The client is an engineer/builder so he did a lot of the work on this, and installed the stone himslef using block and tackle and scaffolding. He tells me it can be turned using one finger! I love the idea of it being both solid and movable. It is a very tactile piece with polished areas and rough clawed surfaces. It is also fun for the kids!

nightingale6nightingale kids1 copy

nightingale20 copy nightingale16 copy nightingale11 copy nightingale9 copynightingale det1 copynightingale det2 copynightingale kids2 copykilkenny stone

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Some recent work

  These are all York stone, installed on Monday and Tuesday this week. The rounded one is in Binham Abbey, Norfolk, and the rough boulder one is in Pickworth, Lincolnshire.

lampardside lampardfr2 lampardbk2 wp winkley footstone wp winkley fr1 wp winkley grave wp winkleyfr det

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