Ditchingham visit

I installed a memorial in Ditchingham cemetery this week and had my customary wonder around looking at the church and old stones while the foundation I had prepared was going off. There are a lot of good examples of memorials here from the 18th & 19th Centuries and into the 1930’s too which was refreshing. I have uploaded a few to my flickr site but my favourite is below. It was carved in 1717, in York stone, and is a beautifully balanced design incorporating skull carving, a good shape and spacing and really deeply carved lettering. It looks like it will last a few more hundered years yet. This stone would be completely illegible and worn away had it not been designed and carved so well, I feel the carver really understood this material, and what weight to carve the lettering and the right boldness of shape and sculpting of the carved elements. It was a little difficult to photograph as it is in a dark, sheltered spot near the church entrance.

click to enlarge

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