lettering in Bruges

I recently spent some time in Bruges and I knew there would be some lettercutting work around the place, as Pieter and Kristoffel Boudens work there. Their father was a calligrapher. There were several I came across, and there are examples below. I have to say I liked some more than others in terms of design, some seem rather dated or not to my taste, but there’s no doubting the quality of the workmanship and cutting. I am unsure if all these examples are Boudens pieces, as there are others such as Brody Neuenschwander working in Bruges (although he is mainly a calligrapher). I suspect from what I know of their work they may be mainly Pieter Boudens pieces, but I’m not entirely sure.

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3 Replies to “lettering in Bruges”

  1. hy, just stumbled upon your site. My name is Christophe Annys.
    I’d like to mention that the 3rd stone is one of mine :). I did that for my late father when I was an apprentice at Pieter Boudens place. (around1994 – long time gone). The 1st stone, I don’t know but the others are from Pieter. also, I think I did the 2nd and 4th when I was his apprentice.



    1. Hi Christophe – I’m so glad you were able to fill in some details for me. I really liked coming across these and the carving is nice and deep…….the one you made for your father – what stone is that? It looks really fine-grained, almost like plaster or litho stone, I assume it is a Belgian limestone ? all the best……Teucer


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