carving videos

I have been working on making some videos for my website and youtube channel. These will be a mixture of animations and real time videos relating to my working practice. This process is very much in its infancy.

On my website you can see some if you click here. There will be more on my youtube channel too.

About Teucer Wilson

I'm a stonecarver and lettercutter. See my work at
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2 Responses to carving videos

  1. billgrant43 says:

    Many thanks for posting this. I look forward to seeing the others.
    I hope you will not mind if I pass them on in my Facebook group and here on WordPress.
    Cheers. Bill.

    • no problem Bill, you can link to them to your hearts content ! it’s a bit of a slow process as I am rather busy with work but I’ll add to these over the following years…………thanks

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