a beautiful couple

I noticed these a while back and finally got a good photo of the pair in Skeyton churchyard, just down the road from my workshop.

What I like most about them is their size and subtlety, and their quiet subdued beauty. They are only about 12-18″ tall and yet for me stand out as being the most powerful memorials in this churchyard.

2 Replies to “a beautiful couple”

  1. So charming. Sort of look like they were installed first, then carved, a bit wonky and cramped. I wonder how much work went into layout back then. They always seem to be running out of room.


  2. hi Jesse – I think they were pretty free with the designs then – these seem more thought through than most around these parts, despite the (wonderful) lettering being more ‘folksy’ than type-inspired to my mind. I sometimes wonder if the ‘client’ was shown a design or indeed whether the church authorities were, because making a design would have dictated or guided the placing of the lettering, and this is often quite hap-hazard. I have seen more by the same carver since taking these and will post soon about them. They are indeed ‘charming’ as you say – a good word.


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