Coventry Cathedral pictures

as a little ‘postscript’ to my article on Ralph Beyer’s lettering I wanted to put up some more pictures of Coventry Cathedral. It is such an amazing place.

Coventry outside1 Coventry outside4 Coventry outside5 Coventry outside7 Coventry outside8coventry inside23 coventry inside19 coventry inside9 coventry inside7 coventry inside5 coventry inside4 coventry inside1 coventry inside


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2 Responses to Coventry Cathedral pictures

  1. Mark Rowan-Hull says:

    Nice blog mate. Love that place. Basil Spence, the Architect is buried in Thornham Parva near Eye. Hope alls well. X M

    Mark Rowan-Hull, Wolfson College, Oxford.

    Sent from my iPad


    • hi Mark, I’ll check out his stone when I’m next down that way. The John Piper made me think of you. What do you think of the lettering there? Did you read my blog about the lettering too?

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