Lincoln Cathedral

l1I visited Lincoln Cathedral on the way back from installing a foundation near Liverpool, as I knew there were lots of medieval carvings here. I think this is a really amazing building, made from Lincolnshire Limestone, with some Purbeck marble here and there in the columns. The masons worked on this from 1088-1092, quite a feat and it is thought that £5,000,000/year in today’s money was spent on this. In For 238 years (1311–1549) it was the tallest building in the world until the spire fell in 1549. In 1141 the roof was destroyed in a fire and the building was substantially rebuilt and then in 1185 a large earthquake destroyed all but the Norman west facade, which is amazing, covered in fine carving. As a stonemason and carver I am always drawn to the details after the initial reaction to the structure and scale of buildings like this. The workmanship in the relief carvings is amazing and mind-blowing. The vaulting on the earlier part of the cieling is interesting too, quite experimental, breaking new ground in a somewhat haphazard way it seems, they worked it out better in the later additions, and after various disasters on the way (towers falling down and the like!). At one point the actual Diocese of Lincoln stretched from the Humber to the Thames, and there are seats in the choir area reserved for the vicar of ‘Leighton Bosord’ (Leighton Buzzard, near Luton) for example. The guide that took us around said that to those that saw this cathedral, painted white, gleaming on the hill, would have been so in awe of it – remember that the tallest thing they will have seen prior to seeing this would have been a large oak tree! Enjoy the pictures, some may take a while to load as they’re high res.

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One Reply to “Lincoln Cathedral”

  1. I agree, it is a stunning building. I am glad to read you enjoyed your visit – your photos are beautiful. We always feel so inspired when we go, from the moment we glimpse the towers as we approach to entering the fabulous interior, it never fails to take my breath away! It’s less than 30 miles from us and the route there is a lovely drive too.


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