Wymondham Abbey plaque

I have been working on a plaque for Wymondham Abbey, this will be like a foundation stone, albeit applied after the building is finished, in about 18 months time. The stone is Westmorland slate, from Honister mine. I’ve taken a few pictures to show the stages of painting and gilding it. I’m putting the gold leaf on tomorrow morning and will show final pictures tomorrow. So the paint is flooded into the lettering and then sanded back afterwards. This is the quickest and most successful way of ensuring full coverage. See below. The sanding with wet and dry paper is really exciting, seeing the lettering emerge. The last picture shows the gold size, and the leaf will be applied in the morning. Thanks for looking.

3 Replies to “Wymondham Abbey plaque”

  1. Very nicely done! I call this the Magic Minute, because it seems the only stage in the whole process where there’s a concealing surface, in this case slurry water, between you and the work. When it all washes away a different sort of cascade occurs, that of relief, and then perhaps delight: it’s not bad after all!


  2. We are absolutely delighted with the Plaque. It will be a very worthy addition to a fabulous 900 year old building.

    Fr Christopher


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