Slate monoliths

I installed some slate monoliths yesterday in a private garden in Norwich. There were 5, spread among the new planting in the front garden of the property. I had previously made three heads for the back garden.  See the images below – it was a rainy day as you can see on the heads. I think these will look much better when the ground cover gets more established and when the yew hedging grows up the fences……I hope you like them.










About Teucer Wilson

I'm a stonecarver and lettercutter. See my work at
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3 Responses to Slate monoliths

  1. cormacoreilly says:


  2. ericmaddern says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! From strength to strength. Brilliant! Congratulations and well done! I still love my stone and its carving at Cae Mabon very much. Eric

  3. Glenda says:

    Your work is always so exciting to see- the monoliths are so exciting- and I hope I will be able to see more later this year perhaps at an exhibition or in situ. Always admire your skill and enjoy the beauty and skill in your work.

    Keep well, keep busy best regards Glenda Toll

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