Some recent sandstone creations

hi! We’ve been working on some more sandstone recently. The first few pictures are of memorials. This one is Woodkirk stone and was installed in Heydon Churchyard in Norfolk. It’s still a little wet in the photo so it looks a bit streaky. It’s around 1 metre tall.


Then I took this one to Camden and Islington cemetery, again it’s Woodkirk stone. The design was quite free on this and I improvised on the reverse of the stone, it seemed a shame not to let the branches flow around the back and a kind of abstract landscape evolved from that. It’s quite a tactile piece, and I tried to retain some of the natural surfaces of the block

Daulphin4 Daulphin3 Daulphin2 Daulphin1

The next few snaps are work in progress on a Clashach stone memorial that will be taken to Aberdeen soon. This stone is coarser and harder than Woodkirk stone. Sorry about the blurriness of these, they were taken on my phone in the workshop, so not the best images.

hare hares2

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