Some recent work….

It’s about time I showed some more pictures of what we’ve been up to recently. We have been busy working on a few memorials in different materials recently. We always seem to have a few sandstone memorials on the go, but we also carve Welsh slate and limestone too. Sometimes when we install work we come across examples of work we did a while back and it is often nice to see how they are weathering and settling into their surroundings. The pale limestone one, with dark blue and gilded lettering was designed ‘collaboratively’ the client wanted exactly this shape and these proportions, and the simplified bird was taken from a simple tattoo design. She ultimately had a very clear idea of what she wanted and I designed the inscriptions to fit in with these criteria. It was carved in Portuguese (Moleanos) limestone which is incredibly hard. For the carvers among you it is much harder than Nabresina or Kilkenny limestone. It looks a little like Hopton Wood stone. Nabresina is also similar looking, and is featured here in the Cicely Moreton carving on the cross. The stone to Alec (Crossland Hill Yorkshire sandstone) was inspired by his love of landscape painting and the fact that he lived in Africa a lot, hence the ‘sand dune’ image and seascape. I like the simplicity of this stone.



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