Texture preview

Dan’s about to embark on another of his optical pieces! Quite a challenge for the eyes!



About Teucer Wilson

I'm a stonecarver and lettercutter. See my work at www.teucerwilson.co.uk
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2 Responses to Texture preview

  1. stuart winder says:

    Hi Teucer,

    hope you had a lovely xmas, thank you for the pics of the bench we did! That seems like a lifetime ago now. I was just flicking through LinkedIn and came across your blog from last week, namely someone called Dan doing what looks to be a pretty amazing optical illusion stone carving. Teucer it’s captured my imagination, i really like the look of the piece and would like to see more of it. Would you be able to put us in touch with a view to possibley buying some of his work? I still collect other artists work, especially stone pieces. I get a sense it might be someone you work with, hope so. Look forward to hearing from you mate.

    Warm regards


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