Moleanos limestone memorial

I have been working on this stone, and the glass insert is now in place. I like the way the light brings the memorial to life. ‘Podge’ was really into bicycles, so I incorporated the cogs to show this.

About Teucer Wilson

I'm a stonecarver and lettercutter. See my work at
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2 Responses to Moleanos limestone memorial

  1. Hayley says:

    Hi Teucer, Lovely piece. I have a customer wanting a piece carved out of Moleanos limestone. wanted to pick your brains about the stone and suppliers in the UK. I have worked a lot in Portland and just wondered if it was similar. many thanks

  2. Hi Hayley, are you an experienced carver? Moleanos is very hard and plucky. Portland is quite soft in my opinion. I like hard stones, but for relief carving it is a lot more work.

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