Hidden treasures 

We’re on a road trip, transporting work from Dorset to Cambridge. This gave us a chance to take up an offer of accommodation with a fellow stone enthusiast, Martin Green, archaeologist and farmer.

He lives near Sixpenny Handley, in Cranborne Chase. He said “if you are passing pop in and say hello, you could see my collection of bits and pieces”. Well he wasn’t joking. He had an amazing collection of archaeological finds, fossils, stones and tools. He also lives on a farm with a lot of important sites on it. We had the guided tour. There’s a lot of information here if you are interested. He has given permission to Southampton University to undertake digs on his farm. It was a fascinating overnight stay with a lovely man. His book all about FLINT (and his ongoing love affair with all things flinty) will be coming out soonish, and will be really interesting. Here’s a few pictures….. starting with one of a pond barrow he uncovered on the farm.

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