A road trip to The Black Isle

Dan my trusty assistant and I have been installing a stone in Cromarty, and exploring some of the historic sites here. Last time I came up this way I visited the enormous Sueno Stone near Elgin, now encased in glass, and the Nigg stone. These Pictish stones have both been unearthed and re-erected. They are from around the 8/9th century. Here are some old pictures:I was commissioned to make a stone to go in Cromarty cemetery. I had previously installed one in Kirkmichael. These were both Caithness stone, which is a hard mudstone, rather like slate. It can be highly polished, but I opted for the more natural and rugged riven finish. The more recent one for Calum is a neutral grey colour, it will become a bit more rusty in colour over time, as can be seen with the other stone here, which I installed about 10 years ago.Kirkmichael is a wonderful small church that has recently been restored. During the restoration many wonderful stones were unearthed and they are on display there. They’re amazing and some are from the 13th and 14th centuries. They feature swords alongside the crosses, tree of life imagery, steps of Calgary, and some of the later ones have sextons tools, imagery relating to death and spirituality, the mort bell, hour glass etc. Feast your eyes on these.

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