Dalton church progress


My assistant Dan and I returned to Norfolk yesterday after spending four long days on site working on the wall. This time we worked on the lettering along the top “ALLELUIA! MAY FIGHTS OF ANGELS SING THEE TO THY REST” and also recessing the two blank panels ready for the inscription of names and dates for those whose ashes will be interred there. The next phase is going to be to create kerbing around the whole area which will mark out the plots, and make a section of paving in front of the wall. This will incorporate a trench for flowers. Hopefully the whole project will be completed next spring.ImageImageImage

Dalton update

Here are a few more pictures of  the wall, taken last week. The rubble infill is there now and I am returning next week to carve an inscription in the coping stones, which went in earlier this week. I am excited to see how it looks with these finishing touches…………ImageImageImageImage

Dalton Church progress


I went to site today to help lift the 5 large panels into place. Harry Beverley and his team were brilliant. The walling is going to be finished soon and the coping will go on next Monday. It is exciting to see the whole project coming together now. I’ll be working on site for a few days carving lettering into the coping, and starting the left hand blank panel which will be inscribed with the names as and when there are new burials of ashes.ImageImage

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital sculpture

I have been working on a stone to go outside the entrance to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. It is being commissioned by the Hospital Arts Project, in conjunction with the Organ Donation Department of the hospital. It is being carved out of a large block of Woodkirk stone form Yorkshire.

Woodkirk stone in the yard
Woodkirk stone in the yard

Here are some images of it in the stone yard where I selected the block. The block was around 4 tonnes before work started.

I have designed the sculpture to incorporate some lettering and a seat. The wording comes from Kahlil Gibran’s book The Prophet (although we have changed it slightly) in the section concerned with GIVING. The theme was intended to parallel the act of giving of yourself physically as in organ donation, while also having a more spiritual dimension. There will also be some plants carved into the stone later on. Here are some more progress pictures.

hospital letters drawn
hospital letters drawn
hospital lettering unfinished
lettering half finished
hospital seat
the seat