engrained voices

engrained voices is a collaboration with Hugh Lupton, renowned storyteller and author (visit his website here). A series of text based pieces were made based on Norfolk Folk Tales.

the initial designs

These are some of my initial designs for the panels and plaques. These first five show five of the six larger Welsh slate panels – the sixth is being carved directly without any design-work at all – I’m not even drawing the letters out – so that one is a bit of an unknown quantity at this stage – I just hope the text fits!


These following designs are for a series of smaller plaques to be carved in Welsh slate and Hopton Wood limestone.


Here are some pictures of the finished pieces


queen copypotter copyking copyken copyhickathrift copyfiddler copyblackshuck copywitch copysalty1 copysalty2 copysalty3 copysalty4 copy


I have made an engrained voices book which shows all the inscriptions in the collection and includes descriptions by Hugh Lupton elaborating on where the text for the inscriptions came from. It is available as an e-book (£3.99) kindle (£8.04), paperback (£18.99) and hardback (£28.99). You can order it through various bookshops or online, click on the links below to find out more:
buy the book from Xlibris, the publishers
buy the book from amazon

book cover



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