Here be hares

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London Design Fair

I finished setting up my stand today, and had a bit of a wander about. There’s an exciting array of designs by some of the country’s top craftspeople. Furniture, pottery, wallpaper, textiles, lighting, and all sorts of innovative products. Here is a snapshot…. pictures taken during the set up. Come and see me there. At the bottom of this post you will find a private view invitation and complimentary pass. You can download, complete and print these for free entry. I hope to see you there.

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Experimental head

I made this yesterday, it’s some kind of imported sandstone. I’m not sure how much I like it…. I had an ancient mesoamerican carving in my mind, but this is not as nice. What do you think? I know it’s derivative, but it’s also a bit timeless and spontaneous….

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Find me @ London Design Fair

London design fair coming up, it’d be nice to see you there


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An odd pair

I made a couple of bowls over the weekend. One is Carrara Bianco marble, the other is a really nice piece of Welsh slate. These were both inspired by an exhibition at the SCVA (Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts) called FIJI, Art and Life in the Pacific. Among this incredible collection of artefacts (the largest collection ever shown) were some lovely bowls.

My bowls are more chunky, especially the legs on the Welsh slate one. As slate is a laminated material, I couldn’t make them thinner without risking them snapping off. This one showed amazing colour when rubbed. Here’s a few pictures…..

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Hidden treasures 

We’re on a road trip, transporting work from Dorset to Cambridge. This gave us a chance to take up an offer of accommodation with a fellow stone enthusiast, Martin Green, archaeologist and farmer.

He lives near Sixpenny Handley, in Cranborne Chase. He said “if you are passing pop in and say hello, you could see my collection of bits and pieces”. Well he wasn’t joking. He had an amazing collection of archaeological finds, fossils, stones and tools. He also lives on a farm with a lot of important sites on it. We had the guided tour. There’s a lot of information here if you are interested. He has given permission to Southampton University to undertake digs on his farm. It was a fascinating overnight stay with a lovely man. His book all about FLINT (and his ongoing love affair with all things flinty) will be coming out soonish, and will be really interesting. Here’s a few pictures….. starting with one of a pond barrow he uncovered on the farm.

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Tree Memorials

I’ve been asked to carve memorials with trees on them a few times now…..each one is a challenge and quite unique. 

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